'cause I spit hot fire

Kick rhymes with the community, try to gain immunity, soon you'll see, i think that you're doomed you flea...


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'cause I spit hot fire

Unread postby DJ Lopsidedfro » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:49 pm

not the best and I know that, but don't tell fro that.this is my ashtray I just knock off what I ain't smoking and get cash payed,or straight lazy sassafrass laid.it's fine to miss a rhyme or split dimes and part ways...but even back on teal when seats,flat,provided neat racks for worked backs to relax..still with goo on thumbnails and weak tax. So I guess we should just set up a round for us fools to stomp you down..in person you know inch takes the crown,but it's time to re up your wee cup pull you hair out your peanut and tell smalls to wear shoes (that slick sick heck)..this ones for that old suburban truck,with enough luck we could of turned it into the cat food wagon,like Buck...

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