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Unread post #1 by MC Sneeks » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:02 pm

Your putting me to sleep loppy your flows ha so sloppy you sound like another MC copy stick to monopoly before you become overrun by Sneeks you seem to be ballin with useless phrases a disgrace to historic pages hold on let me call Inch then I’ll watch you flinch dodging nerf darts but how could we miss just dismiss what you started I’ll tare apart your reasonable thoughts leave you bleeding in the dark searching for a dumbass stick as I steal your bic just another MC trick you tick go DJ walk the beat you keep trying to reach but never succeed why don’t you try preaching hush up and listen grab your heals and hold on Smalls has been waiting and it’s been so long since he heard a DJ moan backhand to your dome for speaking upon the MCs you know we won’t stop till you realizes defeat come walk with me and what you’ll see will be yourself pleading for us to stop as your sobbing about another drought we’ll cut off your mouth so no one can hear your sad flow Fro call Figa to save your sassafrass before you become so disfigured you forget how to pack a bowl try running but your so slow stop being so bold cuz I’ll get fart to stick his pickle down your throat….fucken troll…should I make poll about what’s bigger your sassafrass or the globe just do what your told hold on to your flows until you know your alone so just grab your phone look up a pic of your pickle I know it’s been so long since it’s been gone…peace out trick

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