what...what..hugh...figa....o he want drums....

Kick rhymes with the community, try to gain immunity, soon you'll see, i think that you're doomed you flea...


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what...what..hugh...figa....o he want drums....

Unread post #1 by MC Sneeks » Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:33 pm

creeping in the darkend room handfull of powertools looking for you,bloodstaned face, i hear your heartbeat, you must be hidding undernith your sheets thinking please don't come near me,wimpering like a puppy about to be put to sleep,as you fade to your dreams i seep though your ears and appear inside your brain now behide you with my drill, open a hole on the sde of your dome then drink my fill, gathering your ideas one thought at a time,leaving you a sign saying you forgot how to rhyme as i clime down your spine still a bagel on my way out but i forgot my shruken head on your shelf it's screams something you can't make out, as i cutt across the street a bus hit me, then everthing faded out........

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