ha...ha...mc sneek the best he will defeat.....

Kick rhymes with the community, try to gain immunity, soon you'll see, i think that you're doomed you flea...


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ha...ha...mc sneek the best he will defeat.....

Unread post #1 by MC Sneeks » Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:51 am

just another glimps into the future the feature the images you've been drained to forget such bliss within igorence come fallow me through the mind triles sun diles walking into the blue seeking truth within your roots that pattern that has been past down from face to face misplace hate for the game that brakes your thoughts within yourself, you thought you caught another fading cut down the spine of time without a cord still recording what is saw and heard this is that thought that got caught before the dark pull over the idea that could bring death another taste drawn to flesh .....

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