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How to create mods for new abilities using invisible balls? For a beginner

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Jim Reinor
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How to create mods for new abilities using invisible balls? For a beginner

Unread post by Jim Reinor »

I really want to create a mod for abilities from Star Wars, using only invisible balls for the bite, spit,, hit, run-hit slots.

But I cannot create a mod for abilities from scratch using SporeModder Fx, but I can only reflash ready-made mods in it.

Please write a tutorial on how to create a mod for an ability with an invisible ball from scratch, so that it appears in the editor and is placed in the slot for biting, spitting, hitting, or running.
And it is desirable that several such abilities can be placed in one mod.

I would be grateful if you could write down step by step how to make new abilities in the form of balls in the slots of a bite, spitting, hitting or running (for example, as in the DI fashion), since I do not know how to create such mods from scratch in SporeModder Fx, but only replace ability in ready-made.

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