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Any Way to Fix This Space Stage Issue

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Any Way to Fix This Space Stage Issue

Unread post by lordofspade »

I've been playing Spore for a while, and I figured I'd give some mods a try. A few mods later however, and this happened:
All of the empires are displayed as undiscovered and I lost my Interstellar Drive upgrades, including the default one (though the game still claims that I have all of them, so I can't rebuy them). I tried using an older save, but that didn't work. I tried moving mods around, but that didn't work. I tried reinstalling the mods onto the ModAPI, but that didn't work.

This bug seemed to have come from the UberCargo mod, since everything was going fine before I downloaded it, though another mod may be clashing with it.

The following are the mods that I have downloaded and used:
I'm really hoping that this can be fixed, since the game seems to be unplayable with it in place. If not, I suppose I could deal with that.

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