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Removing the limit to the amount of buildings.

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Removing the limit to the amount of buildings.

Unread post by ProfAlba »

Hello there,

So I've been playing around with making planets bigger and I noticed that the cities are quite obviously ridiculously small, infact, they're actually become smol.
So I've been playing around with the idea of making cities larger. Not just scaling them up, but having more building slots to cover more ground.

The problem is that I've come across an issue where can't add more than 11 buildings and more than 8 turrets (they are affected separately).

I tried increasing the amount of placeable buildings per T-score to 21 (T-3 is 20 buildings as in buildings and turrets) but there seems to be some kind of lock where you can't have more than 12 (city hall counts as a building) and 8 turrets.

So I turn to this forum since I've been searching around the files for a few days now and would like to ask if their is a way to remove said lock to allow adding more stuff to my buildings.

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