Voice extraction; trouble with sound effects

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Voice extraction; trouble with sound effects

Unread post by MarioBabyLuigi »

I've attempted to get the .snr from the unpacked Spore_Audio folder. One of the test files I used was "vcl_damage_jw1.snr". EALayer3, however, doesn't recognize it. I've had success extracting custom audio mods (such as the sample Battle music from the SporeModder download pack), it's more finicky around sound effects.

I was able to get the following to successfully convert; they're all voices:
crg_herbivore_birdd1.mp3 (bird noise?)
eepic_com_grumbleRoXCr1.mp3 (growling epic)
vcom_strike_lvl05BhXCr02.mp3 (bird noises attacking)
vcom_stunAoXCr2.mp3 (frog noise, being stunned I think?)
vcom_clubAoXCr01.mp3 (frog noise, attacking?)
vcom_clubAoXCr02.mp3 (frog noise, I think it's attacking?)
vcom_clubAoXCr04.mp3 (some moaning noise, I don't recognize it, frog noise?)
vcom_clubAoXCr05.mp3 (similar to above)
vcom_clubAoXCr06.mp3 (sounds like the moaning noise, but you hear the frog at the end)
vmot_mnky_gambolAoXCr01.mp3 (I don't recognize this at all, but hey, it works)
vmot_mnky_gambolPoXCr01.mp3 (monkey noises I can't pinpoint, seems like "mnky" means the monkey noises)
vmot_fruit_eat_chew_vomAoXCr1.mp3 (it sounds like disgusting frog noises)

ecol_laugh_v1.mp3 (ecologist empire laughing)
dipl_laugh_v1.mp3 (diplomatic empire laughing)
dipl_afraid_v1.mp3 (diplomatic empire scared)
dipl_angry_v3.mp3 (diplomatic empire angry)
Mili_Cant_Perform01.mp3 (military unit "can't do it")
Mili_Takefire01.mp3 (military unit "I'm being attacked!")
Plye_Afraid_V1.mp3 Plye_Afraid_V2.mp3 (space stage player's colony; cheerful female version, scared)
Plye_Happy_V1.mp3 (space stage player's colony; cheerful female version, happy when you sell or buy her stuff)
Plym_Happy_V1.mp3 (space stage player's colony; friendly male version; happy)
Plyr_Urgnt_V1.mp3 (space stage player's colony; gruff male version; "ZOMG ECODISASTER!!")


hilbert-A4.snr or missile_launch1.snr

These don't even generate a new file. I suspect sound effects just don't convert properly since these apparently all are sound effects. The last one sounds like a voice, though, but on loop.

Hope anyone finds it useful. Yes, I know I can batch convert some of these, but I was testing individually so I don't waste too much time; I've made the mistake of converting .snr to .snr.snr, so just playing cautious. If anyone else wants me to document more of these sound effects, I guess I'll dig in more.
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