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Dark Injection v6+ Fixlist Archive

Unread post by Davo »

Dark Injection v6+ Fixlist Archive

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The creatures head is leaning to one side. Maybe it is because you used plant parts you idiot!
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Re: Dark Injection v6+ Fixlist Archive

Unread post by Matvakama »

Hi Davo!

There are a few bugs, that I already reported back on the original thread, but I decided to post them again, so that You would know of what's going on.

Note: All glitches are ingame.

1. The WaterDragon mouth ingame is always smiling and all eyes, that I place on the head keep sinking into the creature. I also noted that the HorrorHoof foot sinks into the ground.

2. The MagmaEater mouth is also smiling. No other glitches on it detected.

3. Apoc Weapons are still not working. Weapons 4 are displayed as swords, while Weapons 5 are NOT DISPLAYED AT ALL.

EDIT: Glitch 4, that I reported was just temporary. It's fine now.
I'll try to get ingame pictures of the bugs.
You don't know what's to come, do ya? >:)
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