Force save, Force Load, and Force share in 1

Everyone Else's Released Mods, and Some Unreleased. These are made for Galactic Adventures with patch 5.1, but some of them may still work on Core Spore. No harm can come from trying.
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Host your mods here. Try to keep files small, whenever possible.

Remember that all mods available here REQUIRE Spore: Galactic Adventures AND patch 5.1. Patch 6\Bot Parts does NOT include Patch 5.1! (Some may work on other setups, but this is recommended)

Can't get a mod to work? Feel free to ask for help, there's always someone around to help out. Just make sure to include the following information:
a) Did you install Spore from Steam, Origin, or a Disk?
b) Is your game patched to the latest version?
c) Do you have Galactic Adventures?
d) If so, is it also patched to the latest version?
e) Where did you install the mod to?
f) What is the file's current name in the folder you installed it to?
This information is needed for us to help you!
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Re: Force save, Force Load, and Force share in 1

Unread postby rob55rod » Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:18 am

Stellarnaut wrote:Too bad there is only a 404 error now. I guess a lot of the mods are being taken down due to the new Spore update.

No mods are being taken fact, MaxisBazajaytee himself tried to help us get them updated. Also Bot Parts isn't a mod, it's a patch, and one you really don't want. I fail to see how the potential reinstallation apocalypse and creature stage instability are worth it for 14 parts that barely even work and can't be shared unless you bought them back i-

grandrice wrote:LOL JUst found out that this hack SUCCESFULLY shares creatures with freedom and creatures with SIMPROGRAM parts, I can use bot parts, yay!


also I stand by my previous position, never install that patch.

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