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TheSwitch new...edited.version

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Laying awake trying to fade into my dreams , hours passing, thinking about the satellite stream debating if this life I live was true or another seam. Something connecting the beyond. Something I couldn't make sense of, as I entertain myself with such ideas as AI , Cyborgs and Virtual Reality. I start to fall asleep, as I fade deeper and deeper into slumber..... the alarm clock goes off I slam it with my palm ,ten o'clock, ''I thought I set this damn thing for eight...?'' I rolled out of my twin bed debating my mistake , jumped into the shower while my tunes play in the background, washing myself I notice markings on the back of my heel , at first I thought it was dirt from not wearing socks but as I found out it wasn't washing off, I got out and sat on the john examined it more fully it was a symbol of some sort ,''when the heck did I get a tattoo!?'' unable to remember where or when I got it so I stop in the tattoo shop I hang out in every now and then, started asking questions,’ anyone remember this?'' I showed it to everyone, each replied no. Nothing was accomplished. No one remembered doing it or hearing about me getting it, so I left. While driving down the road I hear this high pitch sound then everything around me started to glow neon blue, holy stuff, I thought. “What the heck is going on!” I pulled onto a back street closed my eyes, rubbing them, then opening them everything was back to normal, "huh, ok, my day dreaming must be getting the best of me..." I muffled under my breath. Turning back on the main road, as I was making my way back to my place, my phone goes off with a blocked number, ”I don't know you” letting the caller go into my voicemail. I was just five houses away from my place I hear that same high pitch, but nothing glowed, "I must be tripping out or something....gotta lay off acid for a while..." The high pitch fades off as I park and make my way inside, my phone beeps letting me know I have a voicemail, so I punch in my password to check it, a low voices says '' So you don't remember anything, nothing about the switch or the grid, we have met before Fox, perhaps it will come back to mind after this...." I closed my phone before whomever it was could finish. "Who was that and why did they call me fox?.." there was a knock at the front door, paranoia crept up my spine, I waited till whomever it was gone, I opened the door and found a package with the word fox stenciled on each side of it, I looked left and right finding no one in sight, not even the echo of a distant truck...nothing. So I brought the package inside and opened it , “A blue laptop?” I thought curiously. I examined it and found it had no numbers or letters , just symbols I found one that matched the one on my heel, “how , what is, who, What the hell is..." I threw the laptop across the room. Gazing at it, confounded trying to gather some answers that could explain what’s going on. A few minutes later a voice came from the laptop similar to the one on my voicemail.
” Fox...Fox.. the time has come...time has come Fox,,,
He sat in bewilderment, gathering his thoughts about the past few weeks. The voice coming from the laptop slowly faded off so did the fear that took hold after the knock on the door. Fox stood up and started walking towards the machine, thinking to himself, “that voice said something about a switch on my voicemail…” Closing the lap top then placing the strange machine in an old briefcase and locking it, “someone must know about this stuff, where’s my address book..?” Sliding the briefcase under the couch then he started searching for the address book, Names filtering through his mind. Gage, Rob, Stacey, Maze, Flex.. where’s that damn book! After about ten minutes of searching he found it, pondering who to call first and what kind of discretion should be taken for these strange happenings? Deciding to start with Flex, since he runs his own computer repair shop, the phone rang, “Flex-net how can I help you.” Speaking in such a fast pace. “Yo it’s Joel , what are you doing right now you busy? can we meet up?, I need to ask you something?” “Slow down.” Flex replied. “I’m kinda working at moment, can you wait till I close the shop?” “Yeah I guess, but come over as soon as you get out of there, k” he said with unsteady breaths. “Sure, but what is this all about?” Flex asked. “I’ll try to explain when you get here.” he answered. Three hours till he closes the shop, turning the pages of his address book until Stacey’s named appeared, being his ex-lover he was hesitant to call her, getting past his thoughts he decided to call, going straight to voicemail he left a message. He mumbled after the beep. Pacing up and down waiting for Flex, trying to gather the words to describe what has been happening. Giving up on the calls and only two hours remaining he fixed some lunch put on some tunes just trying to take his mind off everything, his phone rang. “Hello.” It was Stacey, “What did you call me for, after a month of avoiding me!” “Please calm down, look I’ve been going though a lot…” Interrupting him “You!? You’ve been going though a lot! After the way you treated me the last month we were together! Then avoiding me after I forgave you! what! What do you want Asswhole!?” After a few moments of silence he answered “Never mind.. go back to your life..bye” then hung up. She called back a few times, but he didn’t answer , the phone stopped ringing and now only an hour remaining he sat and contemplated what he had said to Stacey knowing it didn’t help the situation in any way, rubbing his forehead fixing some whisky on the rocks, making his way to his desktop staring at his screen saver which consist of pictures of old sci-fi flicks, debating what the switch and the grid stood for, and why he is being called Fox. After his third drink his doorbell rang, it was Flex, Joel let him in. “alright Joel what is..hmm your drinking, ok so what’s bothering you?” First thing Joel showed Flex the tattoo on his heal, ”you probably got drunk one night and had it done and can’t recall it.” he said with a grin. “No dude, now come check this out and see if you can tell me anything about this.” grabbing the briefcase from under the couch, unlocked it and handed to Flex, “what’s in it?” “Just open it and take a look for yourself” Joel replied with a pale face. As Flex began to open it Joel started to describe what he has been experiencing the past few weeks, the pitch everything turning neon blue the message on his phone and the delivery of laptop, “I haven’t seen any computer that slightly resembles this one.” he explains “Look this button it matches the tattoo!” “Well um..did you press it?” Flex replied “Hell no, I don’t know anything about this stuff or what would happen if I did.” while Joel was answering Flex decided to press it. “No!” Joel yelled but it was to late, it started to glow neon blue and then a hologram appeared out the top, someone wearing a cloak , “We have met before Fox, but due to your memory loss we have provided this unit to guide you back to the grid..good luck” the hologram faded off, Flex and Joel sat back staring at each other then laptop. After a few moments of silence Flex stood up made his way towards Joel’s desk where the bottle of whisky was, “I Don’t know Joel..all I can say is turn it on, search for a digital signature, maybe then you can find out who wrote the programs on it and perhaps that could shed some light to who sent it....but now I need a drink.” As he started pouring the whisky Joel looked around then pulled out his address book. Sighing then flipping though the pages debating who to call.. After taking a gulp Flex asked, ”Do you remember anything, say a few weeks prior to..” Joel interrupted. “No!” “Chill out bro, don’t get hostel towards me man, I’m just trying to help!” Flex said rigidly. “My bad.. I feel like I’m losing my mind.” he continued flipping pages, “Who do you think I should call Flex?” Finishing what was left in his glass, ”Maybe Gage.. um are you sure Stacey isn’t playing a prank on your sassafrass?” Joel looked dead in his eyes. ”I called her after I got off the phone with you, I don’t think so, but you think Gage might know something?” Flex replied while pouring another glass. “Well he’s into a bunch of off-the-wall stuff, have you ever had a conversation with him about the non-sense he collects, or looks into?” “Slow down Flex, both of us don’t need to be sauced right now ” he replied in a unsteady slur. Then he placed his address book on the coffee table next to his phone, massaging his forehead he said, “What do you think the grid means flex?” “ Well first thing, what does the grid mean, Joel, I’m not trying to be a pickle, just saying.” he responded arrogantly.

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