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Free Thought Form

Unread postby MC Sneeks » Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:44 am

To have internal free thought is to lose all fear of putting those thoughts in any order at all some say one should have structure to thought processes to exceed what some would call free thought life, some will further ask what is free thought life and why one shouldn’t have an order to it ? Because that is lacking freedom of thought form, to continue to think about where to go or what conversation to start is lacking of free thought form, when dealing in everyday situations like enjoying a pleasure that some wants to break away from, and to each is his own within free thought form, what some think is reality and to others is just another side of a free thought life, some situations within this realm must deal with ….another way to think of this is music free form or a structure based show,
But anyway to get back to what is free thought form and why it is so important to understand, to have a lacking of internal free thought form is to be controlled by something other then what was always free thought form, to hinder one with constant structure thoughts is to construct lack of internal freedom, to have such a free thought form from fears and others outlooks someone must break away from there own confining ideas that was thought to be free such as certain passions that control there behavior such as hatred, even love. Emotional based processes that continue to plague what is to be free thought form can truly counter a idea. This could continue forever these ideas in which have structure and those that do not, this is just dealing with thought forms that can collide and cause a new idea , but some would question is this free thought form or is it structured based form,...../ To get back to free thought form, this is not stating that it is wrong to have a plain but to always mark within what is going to be done where to go how to think or what to believe is to murder any type of speratic idea that may come to mind , lets say to have hope that something will happen , there are so many words to describe certain ideas and perspectives that it will conquer what is known to be a free spirit now does this mean to give in to every little desire , no it does not , it means to realize that certain situations call for different reactions but as certain thoughts come to mind at these frames that bring an idea that changed another thought linked to something or someone a decision will be made at that time, that is another thing that may hinder what is free thought form , but reminders or ideas happen for one reason or another it is up to the mind and the spirit to make that decision at that time for one reason or the other but to confine oneself from being agile in thought or in any type of creative way that it defeats what we are, free thought form aligned with a free spirit could possible bring goals in perspective for one or many different reasons that if explained to the very last detail will defeat the very point to free thought form….I would enjoy ideas on this subject form another perspective I’m all eyes ….

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