Spore Creature Background for Unity (For rendering)

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Spore Creature Background for Unity (For rendering)

Unread postby Insanegrox » Mon May 21, 2018 3:41 pm

I'm not entirely sure where to post this but Paranoid said here would probably be a good place, anyway you are probably here because you want to render spore creatures in unity the same way I do with the editor background, well good news, I've ported it over.
What you will find in this unity package:
The editor background with background grass included
A sample creature that I have rendered previously
What is NOT included:
Post processing effects of any kind (Get those seperately, The Image below uses some)
Creatures (except the sample one)
Any exporting tool (just export using colladaexport cheat in editor)
4k creature patch ( get it here http://spore.boards.net/thread/21/ultimate-graphics-topic-archive-sporum , Sporum is getting shut down so I updated the link )
files that aren't used by the editor background or my creature

File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sj5jTTTBHHAYx_hUum9DYdnYM-p9Q72w/view?usp=sharing (I can't attach this for some odd reason)

Oh, and to shut those people up who say "no pics no clicks"

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