What Trait path do you rather to follow?

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What Trait path do you rather to follow?

Unread postby iherdyoulikespore » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:59 am

Simple: what steps do you take in the life from cell to space to get what you believe is the greatest set of traits in the game?

I take the optimal red-red-green-blue path. More health, more damage, starting relationship bonuses and 1.5 TIMES THE MONEY! 50% SPICE BOOSTING BONUS PRODUCTION FOR ME! That gets the Knight archetype, and then i just go ahead and get to GA level four and get Fanatical Frenzy, where i proceed to corner small baby empires in corners and submerge them in superweapons while the rest of space turns a blind eye. Infinite follower ship and superweapon that takes planets and gives them to you. Hmm, i wonder what path can possibly beat mine?

(Ironically, Knight is the only one archetype you can't find normally in space and you can't get the personality change mission for, making this horribly overpowered and a completionists bread and butter.)
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