Custom Map - March of a New Era w/Harvesting & Money

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Custom Map - March of a New Era w/Harvesting & Money

Unread post #1 by Davo » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:05 am

Here is a rundown on the map, which is also stated when the game begins.

"In the center of the map, GDI and Nod will harvest a crystal every 20 seconds. These crystals are worth $400 a piece. These refineries cannot be captured under any means."
"The 4 refineries located near the corners of the map can be captured by surrounding them with units. The crystals deposited here are worth $250."
"This is your silo. Click it to see your credits, or your teammates. Each player starts with $2000. Unit building will be locked if you are out of credits. Using a mobile crawler while building will STILL drain credits. Tier 1 units cost $25/second, Tier 2, $50/second, and Tier 3 $75/second "
"Tiberium Spikes can be engineered to gain an additional $15 every 5 seconds. You can also build around them."
"Power Plants give you and your teammates an additional 10 power points per Plant, if engineered. If you own all 6, you gain 10 extra power points. You can also build around them."
"This is your Red Crystal Base Defense. Each crystal fires 2 powerful lasers that cause enemy units to slow down until death."



The purpose of this map is to reintroduce the element of money into the world of C&C4, as well as the map interactivity of older C&C titles.

BUGS: The crawlers continue to spend money on units that are built while it is mobile.

Pics and videos coming soon...

Original map: ... &id=605839


i suggest starting with this one, it has the intro and descriptions for the new features.

V 1.1 ... &id=607024


a better scripted and developed map, also fixing alot of bugs.

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