Dark Injection Sporepedia Creature Pack!

Davo's Released Mods, and Some Unreleased. These are made for Galactic Adventures with patch 1.5.1, but some of them may still work on Core Spore. No harm can come from trying, as long as you've made a backup.
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Re: Dark Injection Sporepedia Creature Pack!

Unread postby rob55rod » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:40 am

HelmoChipChop wrote:
rob55rod wrote:
HelmoChipChop wrote:My legion returns to me...

Now there's a name I thought I'd never see active again...

...Legion? Tell me more.

By legion I meant my DS creations.

Right, fair enough.

HelmoChipChop wrote:Sadly only a handful of them are included in the download... How can I view my Darksporepedia on the website again?

...oh no...come to think of it, I'm...actually not sure where that went...I'll see if Davo knows. In the meantime...there is this: viewforum.php?f=141 though idk if it'd have anything of yours.

EDIT: Just found an old link to it, no dice. Checked the internet archive, and...they have plenty of copies of the page itself, but it doesn't look like any of them have any PNGs, since well...apparently you needed to login to access it. Let's hope Davo knows/has something...
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