Davoonline Creator Corner Contest 1

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Davoonline Creator Corner Contest 1

Unread post #1 by Emd4600 [ASR] » Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:29 am

Welcome to the first ever Davoonline Creator Corner Contest! We’ll doing contests like this every now and then, each with a theme. Come and show us what you’ve got!

This week’s theme is as follows:
An impending danger is lurking the Spore community: EA. The very definition of all evil, it has risen from its slumber, and now seeks to end Spore's peaceful harmony. At the moment of its awakening, the Spore servers came down. What will be next? DavoOnline, most likely. And those of us that don’t want to see the Spore community reduced to dust must band together to defend our community! NOW WHO’S WITH ME?


- The creation must be a captain (or a creature with captain parts).
- The creation must have been created by you. It may not be a modification to someone else's creation.
- You can only submit one captain for this contest. If you have already submited it and you want to change it, create another post and put the link here.
- You can only use :spore: :cc: :ga: :patch1.5: :rp: :ex: and mods which have been publicly released, unless stated otherwise by the authors. Note that while we are mod developers at heart, trying to impress us with heavy mod usage will not bias us in your favor.
- For cheats, you may use AddDNA only. Neither freedom not infinite complexity mods are allowed. If your chosen DI variant includes infinite complexity, please revert to the standard complexity variant.

The creation must be submitted in the correct Creator Corner subforum (Creator Corner -> Creatures), with the [CCC1] tag in the name, for example, “My Super Captain [CCC1]”. Then, post the link to that creation in this post.

Entries will not be accepted after November 16th, 2015.

Who are the judges?

I am, with a bit of help from others. For obvious reasons, I will not be participating in these contests.

What do I win if I win?

The three best captains will be put in a Hall of Fame post, that will be created when the winners are chosen.

Submitted captains:



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Re: Davoonline Creator Corner Contest 1

Unread post #2 by Peridot » Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:29 pm


This is the sword I will use to slice my enemies.

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