How to see space fleets at our planets like AI planets?

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How to see space fleets at our planets like AI planets?

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I wonder that wether it's only me or someone else had the idea to make a mod for Spore that allow us to see functional AI Spaceship Fleets like the ones when we enter at another empire planet at least for the eyecandy factor.

It's a bit unlogical an empire with a single spaceship conquering +100 systems from empires that have +15 spaceships per planet (Motherships/minors).

Why can't we see our spaceships roaming through our planets like we can see when we go to an AI empire or our another save empire? What is the logic behind this? Our empires feels so empty due to this major issue on the space stage.

If I knew something about how to mod Spore, then I would do it by myself, but I'm too much dumb for these kind of things, I know nothing about C# or another type of programming language.

If someone has a link of a mod that allow us to see our space fleets roaming through our planets like the ones that roams through the AI planets or through our another saves planets, please send it to me because I'm desperately searching for a mod that add this function to the game for more than 4 years and I can't find nothing on google or at sites that don't understand the request and keeps telling me to ally with another empire to invite someone to join my crew, but I want spaceships flying at my planets to make it feel more alive.

Please someone, help me.

EDIT: Downloaded sporemaster and I'm looking through the files, it's hard to find the spaceshit fleets on planets command, probably our planets value must be 0. If someone can help me find the file, I'll be happy :D

EDIT 2: I can't find the command that tells that restricts our planets from having AI spaceships roaming through them like the AI planets, where do I need to go to mod this issue?

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Re: How to see space fleets at our planets like AI planets?

Unread post by Noonyhead44 »

I would like this to be answered too. I would love to feel like I am a more advanced empire by seeing my giant space fleet on my planets.
It would also help fend off those annoying pirate attacks.
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