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Unread postby arnie532 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:48 pm

do you only mod PCs or do you mod things such as console games and if no why only PC also are there any future things that you aren't modding yet you would like to in the future one last thing where did you learn to mod and how did you get into it?

this will get into feedback once i get more info

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Re: Moding

Unread postby Davo » Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:25 pm

i started modding when i was 11 and like many kids today, i was addicted.

I was playing an RTS game known as Command and Conquer Red Alert. I was downloading a map called a 'nurple' map. This map changed submarines into nuclear subs. I was in shock!

For years i have modded games. I modded Doom and DukeNukem 3d often while i was young.

I got a few consoles as the times advanced. The first system that was bought for me was in '90 or '91.
It was an NES system.

So Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 came out. Modding that game was as easy as the original.
At this time i got MY first PC and had my first job.
It was on, but fate took everything away.
So with nothing, i bought an XBOX original. Stayed away from PCs for a few years. Bought a 360.
No other game has caught my eye like TES:Oblivion(360) an TES:Morrowind(original)

I looked online and discovered Hexidecimal and binary modding as well as gamesave modding.
Once again, hooked.

I needed a PC.

So i modded and later discovered Oblivion was available on PC.
I needed a better PC(lol).

I started modding a few PC games then SPORE was released.
Spore modding sucks, honestly, but very addictive as well.
I started modding things people loved.
My mods have picked up across forums, from one game to another.

I needed a site.

I hosted mods on so many different servers.
Bandwidth problem and memberships suck.

Welcome to

Future mods?

Yeah, TES:5 Civ:5 will be next.
Future Bethesda games are a must.

I hope this makes things easier for you, and if you are young, get a job ASAP! It makes a difference!
So when your parent go to complaining that you are on a PC all day, they stop and think "Well, he DID buy it!"
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Re: Moding

Unread postby arnie532 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:48 pm

Thanks for the indepth response it answered alot of my questions! So do you have consoles today? Do you plan on getting consoles in the future? Have you ever modded console games? What is you job seeing as though you mentioned that? What would be your job ideally? And how would you explain modding and how it works to someone who knows not very much about it?

Sorry for all the questions just interested

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