Unpacking Troubles (SporeModderFX v2.1.6)

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c) Do you have Galactic Adventures?
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f) What is the file's current name in the folder you installed it to?
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Unpacking Troubles (SporeModderFX v2.1.6)

Unread postby Spiffy759 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 3:09 am

When I go to unpack spore's files so I can begin to create my mod, it starts loading properly, but then the bar gets stuck and doesn't move. I let it run for an hour and nothing changed. I am using the steam version of spore (A fresh install I did a few days ago following install order of Spore-CC-GA-Botparts). Both the Mod tool and spore are on the same disk. I'm not sure if everything loads properly, or if I'm missing files by cancelling the unpacking. Everything seems to be there, but I just want to be sure. Is it cause I have bot parts installed?

EDIT: I found out the auto path was wrong, and have subsequently figured out a different way to import all the files I need. Oops. But I figured it out. It's modding time!
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