trying to make other space empires dislike me by default

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trying to make other space empires dislike me by default

Unread postby wrongwarp » Sun Apr 14, 2019 6:08 pm

ok, this may seem a little weird, but is there a way to make all empires have a base dislike of you? i'm currently fiddling around with a grox archetype mod (specifically TheChosen1GroxPL's) in sporemodder for difficulty balancing and personal taste, and while i found a way to make the grox neutral to me (despite not removing the "we distrust strangers" thing... it just. kind of sets their base relationship to 70 and then subtracts 70 from it) i can't find a way to make it so other npc empires DISLIKE me at first.
i was thinking maybe i could just find a way to adjust the "we distrust strangers" for other empires and give it to every npc archetype, but editing "RelationshipEventSpacePersonalityMean" (or any other adjustments in space_npc_relationship_effects~ as far as i can tell...) in any of the files there doesn't seem to do anything as far as i can tell, so i don't know if i'm editing it wrong, editing the wrong thing, or what. there's also "RelationshipDispositionThreshold" which sounds like it should maybe alter the base relationship rate, but as far as i can tell it doesn't do anything. of course, i've never modded before outside of minor flavor text changes, so maybe i'm missing something obvious here! does anyone know how to do this?

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