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Remember that all mods available here REQUIRE Spore: Galactic Adventures AND patch 5.1. Patch 6\Bot Parts does NOT include Patch 5.1! (Some may work on other setups, but this is recommended)

Can't get a mod to work? Feel free to ask for help, there's always someone around to help out. Just make sure to include the following information:
a) Did you install Spore from Steam, Origin, or a Disk?
b) Is your game patched to the latest version?
c) Do you have Galactic Adventures?
d) If so, is it also patched to the latest version?
e) Where did you install the mod to?
f) What is the file's current name in the folder you installed it to?
This information is needed for us to help you!
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Unread post by rw1954 »

I have the GOG Spore collection, and I'm wondering of there's something wrong with this version of the game.

First I couldn't get any downloadable content, because the login to the servers always fails, and every attempt to correct this problem has been unsuccessful. I spent hours trying to get the extra content needed to play certain Galactic Adventures, and the only solution I found was editing the adventures to replace all the content I can't download. It's not the same, of course, and sometimes it doesn't work, but that's the best I can do.

Now I can't get any of the mods to work. I place a .package file in either the DATA folder, the DATA EP1 folder or both, and nothing changes. I've tried over a dozen mods, and none of them work, although one did cause my game to crash. Again I spent hours trying to find out what's wrong, but I still can't install a single mod.

This is so frustrating. I want the extra content, and I want to use mods, but my game seems to defy every attempt to improve it. Is it the game version? Am I missing something? Why doesn't anything beyond the basic game itself work? Please advise.
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Unread post by VanillaCold »

Firstly, the you can only log into the Sporepedia if you have a copy of Spore on Origin. There should be a way to register your current copy from GoG on Origin, though installing the Origin version is not necessary.

Secondly, you're installing mods incorrectly. You need to install all mods with the Spore ModAPI Easy Installer.

Thirdly, what mods are you trying to install? (mods from before March 2017 won't work on the latest version of Spore.)
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