Some questions.

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  • - Install Spore Galactic Adventures
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If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
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Some questions.

Unread post by Niels »

I am so sorry that im posting lot of Help Topics but i just ant to know alot more about spore.
Here are some questions plz reply

1. GA: Tricks for horror adventures.
2. GA: My Captian is all dark in the captian Menu. (Maybe my graphics card. Ill get a new one soon)
3. Dark injection: i want this mod but i still want to play online... (It sounds dumb but i just want to know for sure)
4. Website: On the top right left to home is money can i give soeone that money i want to thank them for awnsering my questions

Thx 4 reading :D
Spore is awesome
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Re: Some questions.

Unread post by CamBen »

Honestly, for a horror style thing it's best not to use spore, because spore isn't scary. The source engine (ie: Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Source, Portal, Portal 2, Garry's mod) is much better because it's way easier to make maps than most engines and also it is first person and much less cartoony. If you are going to though, I recommend adventureprops for more content, and using daring land props. Also remember that sound plays a huge roll in the atmosphere of the area. Make sure to use different ambience sounds in different parts of the adventure, where you want it to be somewhat different in feeling, or if there is danger.
Spore is creative, even the mods and hacks.
Or, should I say, especially the mods and hacks?

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Re: Some questions.

Unread post by presidentlucario »

You want Sporror, son?

Check out this, the first part in a series.

I've also been told that my Horrors From Below series is pretty scary as well, although the second part is the only one I can say is scary enough.

Check out the UBD adventures, those are pretty good ideas for horror as well.
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Re: Some questions.

Unread post by Davo »

i have heard that UBD (underground by design i think it was...?) was best at dark themed creations and sporecast.
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