First Steps: SporeModder

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First Steps: SporeModder

Unread postby IHaveNoIdea » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:33 am

Emd4600'sSporeModder is a tool specifically designed for, as the name suggests, modifying Spore. It does this by allowing one to unpack Spore's native files, which are compiled into .package files. After they are unpacked, the files are stored in the Modder's Projects folder, where they are converted into mostly universally recognised file types, which can be edited by a variety of default programs, such as Notepad. After editing, the files are repacked into a new .package file, which can then be placed into your Data directory as normal.

What You'll Need:
SporeModder itself. You can find more information about it, as well as the Download Link here:

A Specialised Text Editor. Notepad by itself is generally reliable, but you may want to invest in an editor more suited to Programming and Coding. Such as:

Spore's actual files. All of which are located in your Data directories for the game, which can be found using this directory map, courtesy of rob55rod: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6010#p28524

Patience and a decent idea of what the actual f**k you're doing. The latter of which we hope to provide with this new Documentation Subforum.

That's it for this short introduction, but please, stay tuned to this subforum for more documentation and tutorials.
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