GUI template for Interface Mods

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GUI template for Interface Mods

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*This template was posted on the Spore Modding Community Discord, I've decided to put it here so that more modders can access it a bit easier*
*Also not sure where to put this, this subforum makes the most sense to me to post it here*

This template was based off my Interace mod. If you're interested in changing the way some buttons/screens look, then here's a simplified kit for you! It may not contain all graphical elements, but it should be enough to change a significant portion of the game's Interface.

In this spoiler is a list of what this kit has to offer :
  • "Graphics_Atlas~" = Contains the main interface for Spore, as well as icons for the Sporepedia
  • "Editors_(InsertNameHere)" = Contains buttons for each editor, there are multiple iterations of this folder containing a different set of buttons
  • A .readme further explaining the template
At the moment, this is the second iteration of the Template.

Download Here
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