Core Categories Without Accessories (Plus Ability Modifications) [DI EXTENSION]

Show off any extension mods you've made for Dark Injection 9.r, or get help creating them.
NOTE: Any extensions made prior to 9.r's final release may break with any beta update. I'll try to keep such changes to a minimum, but no guarantees, so be clear about the 9.r Betas you tested your extension mod with and which ones it is known to work with!
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Core Categories Without Accessories (Plus Ability Modifications) [DI EXTENSION]

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WARNING : Keep a backup of the CoreCategories package somewhere on your PC. When modifying Dark Injections in the uninstaller, there's a chance that the extension will be deleted!
This is more of a retraction than an extension For the Core Categories package. This version of the Core Categories package leaves out all of the tribe/civilization/space/captain parts in the creature creator. If you want to play the creature stage with Dark Injection parts, but want to keep it "natural", I highly recommend downloading this altered package! Besides, accessories are mostly useless in the creature stage.

The only parts that remain are the cell and grox parts... Speaking of which :

I made a separate package that's meant for this "Retraction", it alters the abilities of the cell and grox parts.
It hugely nerfs the abilities of cell parts (seriously, why are they capable of level 5 abilities?!), but it hugely buffs the grox parts.
This package must be listed higher than the prop package that comes with Dark Injections in order for the modified abilities to work!
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