Dark Injection 9.r OPEN BETA (Darkspore everything in Spore)

Here i will display mods and videos based from Darkspore!
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Re: Dark Injection 9.r OPEN BETA (Darkspore everything in Spore)

Postby Davo » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:41 pm

can you name anyone that was banned from this site?

as usual, im sure an update would have been posted if one was available. why is that a hard concept for people to understand?
im not trying to sound rude but youre a broken record. it gets old. its an open beta, rob will likely die before this thing ever get to be a 1.0 or at least by your standards.

rob and co. are literally converting a game over from another game. can you even picture the amount of work it takes?
dont come back at me sayying im mean, if you think that than it is in your head. just understand the work that has come so far.

banned, ha. do you think youre troll level competes with the ranks of those banned before you?
nah. by the time i hit submit i will have forgotten about this post unfortunately.
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Re: Dark Injection 9.r OPEN BETA (Darkspore everything in Spore)

Postby fungus3 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:25 am

I'm not trying to be a troll; it's just that everything I post sounds like trolling :eyeroll:

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