A few things along the way

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A few things along the way

Unread postby Flames Kid » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:10 pm

First of, WOW!
Secondly, Alpha Orion and possibly the others crash the game when they are loaded (other some darkspore creations do this too e.g Raytheoid, Blastopod, Cannonator)
Thirdly, this is more of a suggestion but until you actually have all the screens animated darkspore ship navigation i would look better if you removed the ship pictures
Fourthly, i can see that you tried to add the smoke into the trench of the editor but it is hardly visible
And last i can think of is you no longer have the darkspore creature converter on the dark injections website

UPDATE: After further experimentation I have discovered that it is only the darkspore creations with galactic adventures captain parts that crash the game when you attempt to load them

Also the corruptors amour and helmet colouring no longer look correct
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