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Dark Injection folder error

Everything related to Dark Injection, a mod for Spore: Galactic Adventures which aims to extend the capabilities of Spore's editors and preserve Darkspore within Spore to the fullest extent possible.
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Please be respectful and keep discussion at least loosely related to Darkspore and Dark Injection. If you are using the Dark Injection 9.r beta, we expect you to actually report any bugs you find, and to provide feedback whenever necessary.
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Dark Injection folder error

Unread post by oturtle »

When i try to install the file with the Mod API it says "spore was not found" and says to specify the installation folder. After i select the Spore folder in steamapps the install settings come up, but after clicking install it does it again. It goes into a loop every time of saying spore was not found every time after that when i choose the spore folder. help

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Re: Dark Injection folder error

Unread post by VanillaCold »

That's a known issue. Specifying the installation folder enough times will eventually let you pass.
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