DI 9.r Ability Balancing Suggestions

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DI 9.r Ability Balancing Suggestions

Unread postby GucciPoochie » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:45 pm

I have personalty tested every ability that is in 9.r 2.0.6 and have compiled these notes on them. The purpose of this thread is to recommend simple changes to the power of the present DI abilities without completely overhauling them or changing animations sounds etc. Many of the current DI abilities are weak and seem more in line with creature stage while others are not. I will compare the DI abilities to the captain abilities and suggest changes based off their power.

Keep in mind that damage values float and therefor vary in damage, (although the first hit seems to always be the same) I tested the first hit on a group of NPCs at 115 health. Energy is somewhat accurate as I simply paused the game the same time I used the ability, Also I did not test any of the abilities on vehicles, which are known to usually take reduced damage from attacks. Time stamps such as "2 second cool down" are rough estimates but for longer times such as "60 seconds" I used a stop watch. One more thing to keep in mind is that that unless specified, the ability does not cost any energy has no start up animation and only hits a single target.

All of the charge abilities are identical to creature stage charges in every way (my guess is these are concepts and/or place holders) so I will not mention them.

Before we begin, I will list the specs on a few of the captain weapons to put these into perspective. (Info taken from SporeWiki/my own testing)

Summon Swarm Damage: 10 + 40, 3 second start up animation Cooldown: 6 seconds enemy cannot attack for about 8 seconds, animation can be interrupted if attacked.

Poison Blade Damage: 10 + 40, Cooldown 2 seconds, poison damage accumulates to 40 and cannot be interrupted, however hitting the target again before the damage finishes accumulating resets this.

Icy band Damage: 0 Cooldown: 8 seconds, enemy is frozen for 6 seconds.

Bladed Knuckle level 3 Damage: 90 (45 to vehicles and buildings) Energy: 90, Cooldown: 1.75 seconds Hits multiple enemies in a frontal cone

Plasma Pulse Level 3 Damage: 55, Energy: 125, Cooldown: 2.5 seconds

Now I will list every ability in order from left to right for each row, starting on page 4/4 and then the last three abilities on page 2/4. I'll share my recommendation on the change below in italics.

Row 2:

Stunning headbutt (strike) 9 damage 3 second cooldown (look and functions like strike level 5)
This ability doesn't resemble a headbutt at all, this ability seems to also be a concept/place holder like the first row, so I'll skip this one as well.

Double strike (bite) 10 damage 1 second recharge time (red effect, right hand swipes left then right, only actually hits once)
10 >> 25 damage

Deepstrike (bite) 12 damage 1 second recharge time (throws a right handed punch with red ring effects)
12 >> 35 damage, 2 second recharge.

Tornado Strike (bite) 1 second start up and 1 second recharge time 15 damage (player spins around, and strikes with a hand)
15 >> 30 damage

Deep Stab (bite) 1 second start up for 20 damage 1 second recharge (captain hold invisible or actual sword in right hand and points it toward enemy)
20 >> 60 damage 2 second recharge

Quick stab (bite) 1 second recharge time for 15 damage also knocks the foe back for a half second (lunges right hand forward)
Already feels balanced

Row 3:

Body beatdown (bite) 90 damage 1 second recharge, move has 1 second animation (looks like a hand chopping animation)
90 >> 60 damage 2 second recharge

Superman Strike (Bite) 10 damage 1 second recharge (also sometimes stuns for half second) (jumps into the air and delivers a purple effect right hand chop)
10 >> 50 damage 2 second recharge

Bloody Strike (Bite) 20 damage 1 second recharge (player holds back then lunges with a strike, actually deals the damage before the strike)
20 >> 35 damage

Toxic Barf (Spit) 1 damage 0 cooldown can only be used at mid range, no start up or end animation slight stun on enemy (can mash the attack button until the enemy dies, while taking no damage this is extremely broken) This needs to be overhauled unfortunately. It's missing a vomiting animation, assuming we get one the stats could look like this:
1 >> 30 damage and 2 second recharge and add the + 40 poison periodic damage to match the poison blade. The vomiting animation lasts 3 seconds of start up

White Ball (Spit) projectile, 2 damage 1 second recharge 5 energy (shoots a white ball of light and leaves a "poof" smoke effect when struck)
1 >> 10 damage, 5 >> 45 energy

Dust Devil (spit, although has an arrow icon in combat stance) 10 damage and 60 second recharge time sends multiple foes into a long spinning animation, however can be interrupted from said animation when attacked, create a large dust devil effect that lasts 20 seconds before dissipating)
10 >> 105 damage, 0 >> 500 energy 60 >> 10 second recharge

Row 4:

Bubble blaster (Spit) shoots 0 damage 1 second recharge but stuns enemies for 5 seconds
1 >> 5 second cool down.

Sea monster strike does 90 damage takes about 7 seconds for the monster to strike, has huge damage radius
you cant move or it will prevent the monster from striking.
90 >> 120 damage, 0 >> 100 energy, 2 >> 30 second recharge

Blue/green/pink/purple wave (Spit) 10 damage 100 energy, 2 second recharge slowly shoots a light column that knocks back groups of enemies based on were they were facing for 5 seconds, stun can be interrupted by an attack there is also a colorful after mist with a huge radius
10 >> 20 damage

Row 5:

Pyro Missile (Spit) 10 damage 100 energy 2 second recharge stuns multiple enemies and a burning animation for 3 seconds (Shoots a massive slowing traveling burning orb)
10 >> 25 damage

Cryo Missile (spit) same as above but freeze effect that stuns enemies for 4 seconds, animation is not interrupted by attack
10 >> 15 damage

Electro Missile (spit) same as above but shocks multiple targets for 5 second, animation can be interrupted
10 >> 20 damage

(These next three feel like a comedic joke, but I'll attempt to suggest changes anyway.)

Nuclear Missile (Spit) Insta-kills multiple targets in a massive blast radius. 250 energy 2 second start up. player must remain still until the missile fires recharge time is over a minute
unknown value >> 200 damage, 250 >> 550 energy

A-Bomb Missile (spit) similar to above, but different effect and scorches the ground and costs 500 energy scorched earth can be undone in transform mode
unknown value >> 300 damage, 500 >> 975 energy

Antimatter Missile (spit) similar to above costs 1000 energy and permanently creates a massive crater in the planet. however, can be undone in terraform mode without much difficulty
Unknown value >> 550 damage

Row 6:

Purple Laser (spit) 5 damage 25 energy half second recharge small blast radius.
5 >> 10 damage, 25 >> 45 energy

Sniper Blaster (spit) does 50 damage to multiple targets in a small blast radius 10 second recharge 200 energy oddly, if I double tap 4 to trigger the ability it will do 100 damage cost 200 energy either way
50 >> 200 damage, 200 >> 400 energy

Mini rapid blaster (spit) does 5 damage 25 energy and half second recharge small blast radius
5 >> 10 damage, 25 >> 45 energy

Heavy Rapid Blaster (spit) does 20 damage 40 energy 1 second recharge
40 >> 60 energy

Plasma Column (spit) does 2 damage to surrounding enemies + 12 more periodic damage to the target, 180 energy, buggy 1 second start up time and the cooldown is somewhat unresponsive.
2 >> 200 for the time being, when periodic damage and the cool down becomes more sensible we will be able to discuss the balancing more accurately.

Lightning orb 4 damage half second recharge, the recharge feels buggy
4 >> 35 damage, ??? >> 2 second recharge, 0 >> 90 energy

Electron sphere same as above, but projectile travels slowly
4 >> 65 damage, ??? >> 3 second recharge, 0 >> 150 energy

These changes should help immensely in making the abilities feel more balanced. Let me know if there are any questions, there is still more info here and there that I did not share about every ability.
Spore user name is SapphireFlame.

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