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Unread post by NUCLEARCAKEEE »

I figured I'd use the CE's built-in GIF recorder to prove my point here, but the pictures are actually really tiny and most of the creature's tail is cropped out. I hope you can still see what I mean?
Behold this creature strutting its stuff. Notice how its tail wiggles as it moves. This one's tail is made of the Core Spore parts.
And this one's tail is made of DI parts. Its tail is so much less jiggly! So rigid! What if I want a wiggly tail but without the tan tips associated with the Core Spore parts? I'll have nothing!

So what I'm saying is: There is a part property that enables parts to "jiggle" when placed on top of each other using the Spore Stacker mod. DI parts are sadly lacking in the jiggliness that their vanilla counterparts have. I would like them to both be jiggly. Click here for more information on jiggliness.

If for whatever reason there are some people who do not want jiggliness, you could add an invisible part with the jiggle property so that anything it is placed on top of starts jiggling? Jiggle is starting to not sound like a real word now.

Thanks for taking my suggestion! And my deepest apologies if this comes off as rude. I have the utmost admiration for the sheer content this mod adds.

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Re: Make Em JIGGLE

Unread post by rob55rod »

I'll have to check whether or not this is the expected behavior. Thanks for the heads-up.
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