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Unread postby Inotamira » Sun May 19, 2019 8:16 pm

I am trying to get Dark Injection working within Lutris, which is a wine front end to run windows programs in Linux. Spore itself works fine, the mod itself works fine if installed through a VM and copying over to Linux, but the launcher doesn't work. So, I'm at this weird halfway point where it's working, but demanding I start the game through the launcher, which doesn't want to run.

What are the primary components the launcher needs to function?

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Re: Linux/Wine/Lutris

Unread postby rob55rod » Mon May 20, 2019 4:32 am

No, it actually doesn't work at all if copied over from a VM. You have to install DI to use it.

Ironically, I've been working on tackling this exact problem of Linux compatibility for a while now, with surprising amounts of success. Only time will tell if I can make anything viable of it... (no promises)
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