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Odd installation problem

Here you can find information regarding Dark Injection, or post questions if you need further help.
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Odd installation problem

Unread post by Hrafnhild »


I thought I had properly installed Dark Injection but um, well, nothing happened.
I kind of expected it to either work or that Spore would explode because of some new version of Spore. :lol:

I tried the 'Stable Release' one first. Nothing happened except that the robot optional step parts appeared when I installed it. Cool!
I read through this forum section as it had 'Help' in its name. It looked like most people were discussing 9.r so I deleted the other and installed 9.r and again nothing happened.

By nothing happened I mean that Spore Galactic adventures launched in a healthy but seemingly mod-less way. No new tabs or changes to the interface or new parts (except the robot ones) and standard expansion C&C and GA.

I've used mods in Sims and Minecraft but this is my first try at Spore. So this is the first and only Mod. Is there something needed to prepare Spore for Modding in general?

I bought my Spore games through Origin.
I have C&C and Galactic Adventure installed.
Everything should be the most recent version through Origin. Except the Robot thingee I downloaded from here.
I am on the PC platform running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
I put the two zArena files in the core Spore Data Folder.
I put the foundation file and files (that didn't say they conflict with each other in your readme) into the GA Data folder. (Basically I omitted the Shimmer and Half-Blacks and all of the 'Editor Backgrounds' Category files)
I noticed on the Forum that folks said they were having saving issues and to use the Steam Force Save so I found your web page for that and followed the instructions to edit those two text files.
Only other oddball thing is that my space on my C: drive is low so all Origin installations have been redirected to my E: drive.

Any idea where I messed up? :oops:

Thanks in advance for your help and all the hard work you have put into this mod.

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