Stuff i created

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Please, when posting creations,
- Share the .png file you will find at %Userprofile%\My Documents\My Spore Creations, so everyone can use your creation!
- Also, please list which DLCs and mods were used in your creation(s), so people know what they'll need to have installed to use it.
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Stuff i created

Unread post by Minico »

Welcome to the "Stuff i created" thread, where i post creatures i made.
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Re: Stuff i created

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Probably unnecessary but small grammar tip: when referring to yourself, you must capitalize "i"

Correct: "I love to play Spore!"

Incorrect: "i love to play Spore!"

However, this doesn't mean you should capItalize all I's as I've shown in this paragraph
Just another fellow user.

It's possible to improve Spore's graphics using Reshade. I'm planning a V0.2 public release soon
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