Some random creations

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Some random creations

Unread post #1 by gr00fchu » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:08 am

Hello everyone! I would like to share some creations I made with the mods made available by this forum. They may not be the best but I still think I did a good job on them :).You'll need all the vanilla DLC/patches except patch 1.6 (but you will need bot parts, which I believe is provided by Dark Injection) as well as Dark Injection, Dark Genetics, Drone Parts, Camben's Color Pack, Spore Resurrection: Next Steps, Sporecraft, The Fur Mod, and Strange and Beautiful Parts to use these in-game. My Spore name is Griffachu in case you were wondering (but I doubt that you were).

First I'd like to show off some yo-kai I made from the Yo-Kai Watch series

This is Dai-Yoma Nura-Neira, the final form of the main antagonist from the second movie (spoiler ig, oops)
Dai-Yoma Nura-Neira.png

This one's Noway

This one's Komasan (one of my favorites tbh)

This next one is Jibanyan S (I did have a normal version of him, but I accidentally saved over him with this one :oops: )
Jibanyan S.png

Here's Komasan S too
Komasan S.png

Next I'd like to present some legendary Pokemon I've made

This is Arceus, something I had always dreamed of making way before I knew the existence of mods

The next two are Rayquaza and its shiny form

Shiny Rayquaza.png

And here is Lunala too

Now all of these are some miscellaneous creations from different series

Here is the Thunder Dragon and its fusion, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh
Thunder Dragon.png

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon.png

Next is the Xenomorph from the Alien series

Here's the Willosaur from Spore 2005

Oh here's a Creeper from Minecraft too (the only creation you need Sporecraft for tbh)

And finally for this section, the Hypo Giga from The Isle
Hypoendocrin Giganotosaurus.png

Finally, I'd like to show some of my own original creations
This is Mnigh (other than the effect pins giving it powers, it's vanilla)

Here's Two Kins
Two Kins.png

Here's ZT-ZT (bootleg AT-AT)

This is Cobrasaurus

Here's Sootsifter and Leedleed respectively (who are from the same planet)


Here's Bonzo

This one's Rostrum-Poker (I think it's mostly vanilla but I know for certain it has effect pins powering it up)

Here is Toado, the Mystical Spore Dragon (a creature I played story mode with)
Toado, the Mystical Spore Dragon.png

This one's called Yokaigae

Here's also something called "Robobo"

And lastly, here is my collection of Deepsea Labyrinth creatures I came up with
The Dweller
Deepsea Labyrinth Dweller.png

The Beast
Deepsea Labyrinth Beast.png

The Emperor
Deepsea Labyrinth Emperor.png

The Hunter
Deepsea Labyrinth Hunter.png

The Stalker
Deepsea Labyrinth Stalker.png

And finally, The Urchin
Deepsea Labyrinth Urchin.png

I hope someone's able to enjoy these and that the admins aren't mad at the length of this post lmao.
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