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Dinosaur creatures (And a flying reptile too)

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Dinosaur creatures (And a flying reptile too)

Unread post by MetaKirby1998 »

Some of these (such as the generic "Long Neck", Utahraptor and Therizinosaurus) have artistic liberties, but other than that i've tried to be as accurate as possible without breaking the game, so don't expect them to be perfect. Please make sure that you have:

Dark Injections (I believe any version works)
Dinosaur Parts mod (created by tklarenb on the official Spore Forum)
"Strange And Beautiful" parts mod
Camben Color Pack
Himeric Engine
Dark Genetics
Limb Smoother

They look much better with HD textures (like any other creature), i recommend testing it out!
I have some creatures that aren't Dinosaur-based, i might share them too some day.

Some of them have Captain Parts and special Dark Injection abilities, blacklist them if you don't want overpowered creatures during your playtrough!
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Re: Dinosaur creatures (And a flying reptile too)

Unread post by Sir Keksalot »

O lawd, it's beautiful.
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Re: Dinosaur creatures (And a flying reptile too)

Unread post by windblade »

beautiful dinos ight there
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Re: Dinosaur creatures (And a flying reptile too)

Unread post by MarioBabyLuigi »

I must applaud you for the feathers.
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