Paranoids diabetes pack

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Paranoids diabetes pack

Unread postby paranoid_modder » Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:19 pm

[center]Paranoids diabetes pack.[/center]
This is a pack containing all my "cute" creations. You will get 36 different creatures full of ...cutsey goodness. As usual these creatures have been made with the following mods:

•dark injection
•pandora's toolbox
•himeric engine
•Colorable grox armor (found on the spore modding community discord)
•seamless limbtails
•camBen's color pack
•drone parts
•the smoother
•strange and beautiful
•Integrated Integument
•SRNS Creature parts
•Zarklord's infinite scaling
•PSI's unparented foot and hand mod (found on the spore modding community discord)
•PSI's little box of horrors
•tklarenb's dinosaur parts
•Spore stacker

You should use the modAPI easy installer in order to install the mods listed above. If there is one creature in this pack that you cannot load, dm me or contact me on the SMC discord if youre there at Sneaky Zucchini#0829 and i will try to help you out. Make sure you check if you have the mods listed above installed before you ask!
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Re: Paranoids diabetes pack

Unread postby TheNutyo » Wed Jul 15, 2020 1:51 pm

they look like emojis .
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