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Project Rehatched / Graphical overhaul Update 2.0

Talk about projects in development or experimental mods...
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Project Rehatched / Graphical overhaul Update 2.0

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Project Rehatched is a mod that replaces vanilla textures/models with higher quality assets and textures
Project Rehatched is a mod that enhances upon the original artstyle.
it comes with an optimized Reshade preset, models ,and textures.

with the mod/reshade preset
Mod itself: mod is too unstable for gameplay im taking the mod down for now.

misc stuff high poly baskets, experimental wip weather system and a reshade preset : https://www.mediafire.com/file/15qbeyfv ... d.zip/file

Background addon - Retextures Background adds new shader to them etc - http://davoonline.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=9769

you have problems with downloading it on mediafire? you can download it on nexusmods

expieriencing crashes? download the 4 gig patch


Do i need The spore mod api package to install this mod?
: no but i heavily recommend it, it can and will make your modding expierience easier and well more stable

?what's the performance impact?
:on my personal rig its about 3 fps, i have a gt 710 so you will most likely have a performance impact of zero
"was tested on a gt 710 your fps drop may vary

?minimal requierments?
you will need atleast 6 gigs of ram and 1 of vram

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