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[UNRELEASED] Vehicle Test Drive

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[UNRELEASED] Vehicle Test Drive

Unread post by VanillaCold »

A long time ago, I created a mod called 'Test Drive in Any Editor", which enabled the Test Drive button in all editors. However, that mod still didn't let you enter Test Drive in the vehicle and building editors - the button did nothing.

And now, after creating a completely new game mode from scratch, I've finally added an all-new test drive for vehicles. (and also buildings.)

Accessing this Vehicle Test Drive is easy - just click on the Test Drive button in the vehicle/building editors after installing the mod. It can only be accessed if the creation hasn't been modified since it was last saved, or since it was loaded into the editor.

This mod will most-likely be released when the Spore ModAPI Core DLLs are updated, since it requires a version which is currently unreleased.

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