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E3 2008 Music as Spore's Intro Music Mod

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E3 2008 Music as Spore's Intro Music Mod

Unread post by MorphAll »


Going back to Spore is always a pleasure, you can't help but feel the nostalgia thinking about
all the creatures you're going to create again.
When you can't play, you scour the internet looking for information and news about your favorite game.
Youtube is a treasure of Spore nostalgia.

Seeing again the old trailers, and hearing the E3 2008 opening sound was like a wave of good feelings
that you can't get enough of. That's why this mod is here mostly for the nostalgia and for your listening pleasure.


This mod replaces the introduction music of Spore by the one you can hear at the beginning
of the Spore E3 2008 presentation.
It's as simple as that.


- Spore (no kidding!)
- Galactic Adventures


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lWRDQl ... sp=sharing


Download and Install Spore ModAPI and follow the instructions
Launch Spore ModAPI Easy Installer.exe and select the .package file.
Done !


My first time modding trying to work out everything

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<<< Check out the Spore E3 2008 Intro mod >>>
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Re: E3 2008 Music as Spore's Intro Music Mod

Unread post by TheNutyo »

yes please , thank you good sir
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Re: E3 2008 Music as Spore's Intro Music Mod

Unread post by VanillaCold »

MorphAll wrote:-old, inaccurate installation steps snip-
Wrong. Just install it with the Spore ModAPI Easy Installer like any other mod.
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