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Translated Mx3brainpower's Thrive Music Mod.

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Translated Mx3brainpower's Thrive Music Mod.

Unread post by Tubbybloxian »

I decided to translate the credits of the Thrive music mod that Mx3brainpower made in this forum post on Sporepedia2.com

Keep in mind, this mod only adds one thing: Translated credits from the Thrive music mod.

That's all, since this mod is just a translated version of the credits from Mx3brainpower's Thrive music mod. Unless you wanna download this mod, just in case you want translated credits of Mx3brainpower's thrive music mod, and if you only want the Thrive music. (For those that were looking for a separate mod for the Thrive music from the Adventure Mega Music mod part 1 which Tklarenb made.)

All credit goes to Mx3brainpower for the Thrive music mod, in which I translated the credits from the music mod.

Sorry if this is (possibly) in the wrong forums, since it feels like a very small mod tbh. (And it is kinda my first mod)

Download Link:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/ixatof4ah ... ckage/file

It's 91.83 MBs.

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