White's Mod Collection

Mods that combine many smaller mods or lonely mods that just have no place to go...
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Poster of the New User Apocalypse
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White's Mod Collection

Unread post by Mrs.White »

Hi there fellas! I guess it's time to post official post regarding my Sneky mods! New archive has been created to keep your favourite mods in place. As you may noticed, I have changed my internet persona, but that doesn't mean removal of my old mods! You can always find them in "Snek's Legacy Mod" folder in the link below!

Here's a summary of mods available:

Mrs.White's Mods:
WhitesAdventuresBegone - removes adventures appearing from space stage. Except for Vat Tego adventure, dunno how to fix that. Dedicated thread.
!!GalaxyCenterRadius - properly patched to newest version of the game. Should remove radius limit when nearing the Galaxy Center.

ImageSnek's Legacy Mods: Image
SnekyGalaxies - Choose your galaxy look from selection provided by this mod!
SnekyGraphics - Make your game more beautiful by removing muddy textures. Might impact performance. Incompatible with HD2k mod
Global tester/emote/emote for dummiesV1.1 - Ever wanted to quickly test animations or audio? With Global Tester you can quickly provide hash of them with corresponding command to quickly play them. Additionaly, 'emote for dummies' will allow you to play animations like in MMOs! Simply type 'help me' to receive list of available animations to play.
Sizeable Solar - Adjusts the size of solar system to be more realistic, and adds adjusted camera to make it able to see whole system without zooming. Includes warp drive and quicker travel around the planets.
SnekyEffects - Gives you over 300 new effects to place and play around with in the adventure editor.
Planet buster Cheap pricky - Makes planet buster purchasable at the beginning of space stage for ~5 Sporebucks.
No steve babble - Skips the steve speech when you reach the galactic core.
ByeBye Seamonstie - Removes the sea monster from creature stage.
Sneky leg day - Allows you to resize limbs to extra THICC or so small they are invisible. Requires the UPE mod! Might cause crashes and performance hits.
Sneky extra wiggly - Turns your limbs into jello. Make long arms and bodies for a fantastical wiggly effect. Preview here. Requires the UPE mod!
Pepe Plate - Pepe plate. Nuff said. If the plate does not change when you install this, give this mod higher priority by adding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the beginning of the file name.

Same link as above, but you might like having the link in both places!
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Re: White's Mod Collection

Unread post by SammyJammy »

I think this modpack (Or whatever it's called) has some very useful or cool mods! I especially love the ByeBye Seamonstie and Sneky leg day mods, because I'm no longer limited to just walking around at land and swimming at shore and I get to finally make legs that are really really big, so they match the huge bodies I make sometimes in the Creature Creator!
I miss those thousands of spore creations I used to have..
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