Grox Invasion

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Grox Invasion

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A while ago, I was working on a mod which filled the galaxy with the Grox. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work. I've recently imported the mod to Sporemodder FX and have finally made a working version. May I present...
Grox Invasion
This mod fills most of the galaxy with the Grox. Some solar systems are still empty, though. Because these uninhabited systems are super-rare, all systems can now have up to 50 planets.
I decided to make a small story for this mod, here it is:
Originally, the galaxy was ruled by two great empires. The Traviar empire and the Grox empire. The Grox empire knew that they couldn't win a war against the Traviar, so they decided to become cyborgs to increase their melee strength and they started to use "Dronox" to attack others on T1+ planets. The cyborg Grox were much faster and stronger, allowing them to create bigger weapons of mass-destruction faster. Eventually, they managed to defeat the Traviar, gaining almost all of the galaxy. Only one Traviar was left alive: Steve, who had the Staff of Life. Steve fled to the Core, waiting for another empire to rise and stop the Grox.
Version 1
(3.87 KiB) Downloaded 30 times
Known issues: You must make a new galaxy before installing this mod.
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Re: Grox Invasion

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wow a very good story
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