Religious Weapons in space stage

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Religious Weapons in space stage

Unread postby TheChosen1GroxPL » Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:53 pm

This mod replaces conventional space weapons with religious (acoustic) weapons


religious_weapons_in_social.package - This mod moves modified weapons to socializing tools section (WARNING! YOU NEED TO MAKE A BRAND NEW GAME, OTHERWISE, YOU WON'T SEE THEM IF YOU BOUGHT OTHER SOCIALIZING TOOLS THERE BEFORE DOWNLOADING MOD!*)

religious_weapons_in_colonization.package - This mod works exactly same as above, but it moves weapons to colonization section instead (more compatible with old saves [NOT COMPATIBLE IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT PAINTING TOOLS FROM BETTER SPORE MOD!])

Other warnings:

This mod may contain flashing effects [especially of "religious" Auto-turret used in space]!

*Why this is happening? Because some "religious" weapons will use slots which they are already busy by pre-bought socializing tools. Only socializing tools will be visible

Known issues

-They aren't re-named
-Some of "religious" weapons aren't on bottom slot in colonization section [For "colonization" variant]
-Some of weapons use the same icon [¯\_(ツ)_/¯]
-Incompatibilities with Better Spore (If you bought Painting Tools before installing mod)
-Incompatiblity with Any Tools on Any Planet Mod
-Incompatiblity with other mods which modify "conventional" [default] weapons

Image Download Image

Religious Weapons in Space


Choose ONLY ONE of these files and put in Spore Data/DataEP1 folder

Have fun converting other races and spreading Spode's Word
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