Spore - Grox Archetype Mod 2018

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Spore - Grox Archetype Mod 2018

Unread postby TheChosen1GroxPL » Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:11 am


This mod offers brand new things which in previous Grox Archetype mods didn't appear:

-New consequence Ability (Total Extermination) - it works just like standard Planet Buster, but it doesn't break Galactic code, due to its dark aura. (Additonally it has infinite ammo ^^, but wastes a lot of energy .w.)

-Normal communication screen animations have been replaced by Grox ones (you can say, that this mod gives you another passive ability - Mind Tweaker, which it works on all NPC empires except with the Grox archetype, because you know x3) (From Patch 1.0.5 this is an optional feature)

-Grox Archetype has passive trait bonuses (Pleasing Performance, Spice Savant and Prime Specimen)

-Dronox Infestation Squad replaces Colony Incredi-Pak (this works exactly as non-modded counterpart tool, but it has infinite uses and faster cooldown) [Only for Grox Archetype and Grox + Pirate archetype mods]

-It supports 3 languages - Polish, Spanish and English (of course :D)

-NEW! Pirate archetype mod which replaces Wanderer Archetype. It has unique chat background.

-NEW! Captain ranks for Grox and Pirate archetypes


Spoiler: show
2.Plague Seeder
3.Life Killer
5.Dronox Support
7.High Exterminator
8.Planet Destroyer
9.Grox General
10.Grox Emperor

Pirate [inspired by this: https://www.deviantart.com/dragonkingzero/art/Archetype-Card-Pirate-240986221]

Spoiler: show
2.Cabin Boy
9.First Mate
10.Pirate Lord

-Grox animations for Creature Creator Test Drive mode.

Other things which this mod adds:

-Grox Parts and hidden Cell stage parts (because why not? Grox mod wouldn't be so cool without these parts)
-Optional thing - Dark Grox Armor (Reskin)
-GROX VOICE (Replaces your empire voice with Grox voice. it works also in Civ Stage)
-Warrior Voice (Same, but it may be useful for Knights and PIRATES too ^^)
-True Grox can be easily allied (Only in Grox Archetype or Grox+Pirate Archetype mods)
-Grox Archetype replaces Knight archetype (sigh... another mod which replaces Knights ._.)
-Replaces standard colony look with Grox one

Known issues:

-Unlike Planet Buster, you can escape from planet which you used Total Extermination on it. This prevents it from destruction while it is about to do it, but destroys all colonies and civ stage cities. After doing this, you cannot escape from planets anymore (unless you leave solar system or destroy a planet)

-Dronox Infestation Squad has crossed swords icon in colony tools display (Only icon in My Collection/Tools section is replaced)

-Mod can be incopatible with other Space Stage mods

-[Minor issue] Just like I said above; Non-grox empires' animations are also changed. If you don't mind that issue (cuz of "Mind Tweaker"), here You go x3

-[Minor issue] Pirate background is not aesthetic. I know... my fault ._.

-Pirate archetype uses Warrior's consequence ability


Xorgius (aka. TheChosen1GroxPL) - The one who added new things to Grox Archetype, Polish translator
Chica (FemPyro) - Spanish Translator

*You can find their Steam links in Read Me files

Thanks to:

-Creator of Better Spore :bs: mod
-D3vilSheep for creating Grox Expansion Pack v2 and inspiration
-Kisutora for "Voice Replacements for your Empire" mod
-Everyone who created older Grox Archetype mods and other Grox mods


Mega: https://mega.nz/#!CgtmGIgb!1q5y-VbLD-JD3fxJs-K3vgAYTdjWK2JytTdpFIJd91g
MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v74njhylq9d15jj/GroxArchetype-2018-Pirate_Archetype_Patch_%281.1%29.zip/file


Q: Are Grox archetype trait bonuses stackable?
A: Alas no, they aren't. You need to follow these traits for the best gameplay:

RBGR (Carnivore, Adaptable, Friendly, Military) [Reccomended one] or
GBRR (Herbivore, Adaptable, Aggressive, Military)

Q: Why I still see Mini-U superpower icon instead Grox Superpower icon?
A: Probably you installed an incompatible mod. Remove any mods which change Space Stage gameplay

Q:City walls aren't replaced! I can't see Grox walls in my colonies. How to fix it?
A: <same as above>

Q: I can't use Total Extermination and game says, that I have low amount of energy, even when I have at 100%!
A: You need to upgrade battery. Total Extermination can't be used at very beginning of the game >:3

Q: How to get Pirate archetype?
A: This is exactly the same way as getting Wanderer archetype. Just start the game from Space Stage


Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Image (True Grox relationship)

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Image (Pirate archetype background)

Spoiler: show

Features which may be available in future patches:

-currently I have no ideas ._.
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Re: Spore - Grox Archetype Mod 2018

Unread postby paranoid_modder » Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:28 pm

I like this mod a lot, but i notice there are some issues:

1. the grox animations are for all empires inastead of just yours.
2. the wall replacement doesnt work. i still only have the default wall.

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