City Walls (2007 beta walls included)

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City Walls (2007 beta walls included)

Unread postby Darhagonable » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:12 am

City Walls Mod!

This mod is my remake of the old mod which was made by Forgottenspore and allowed you to change the walls and layout of cities and colonies in the space phase.
My remake adds a number of features and also fixes the multiple of bugs existing within the original.


Spoiler: show
- Now supports civstage cities too
- Now contains military, religious and economic walls leftover or recreated from the 2007 beta versions of spore
- New improved icon for the City Walls tab
- New improved thumbnails for all the city walls
- New improved layout for the cities in the CityWalls tab
- Fixed bug which made the cityhall float mid air if switching from a wall where the cityhall is raised with a platform to one where it's directly on the ground
- Fixed bug which made some walls have floating turrets which could crash the game if touched
- A few more options for turret placements

Spoiler: show
Forgottenspore - For creating the first version of this mod
Emd4600 - For creating sporemodder, the modding tool I used to make this mod and without it I would not have been able to make much of this mod
Deoxys_291786 - For recreating the model mesh for the 2007 beta version of the economic city wall
Paranoid Modder - For recreating the model mesh and textures for the 2007 beta version of the religious city wall
Rob55Rod - For fixing the shading for the 2007 beta version of the religious city wall

Known Bugs:
Spoiler: show
- If you in civ stage take over another city, change it's specialty and then change it's city wall the city wall model dissapears or becomes invisble.

- If you enter a save which used an older build of this mod you may find turrets in the wrong rotation and/or city docks with wrong model and/or wrong position. (these could happen if your game glitched aswell)
>To solve wrong turret rotation: remove and replace all the affected turrets.
>To solve wrong dock model and/or location: change to another city style and then change back again.

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