Challenging Tribal Stage

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Challenging Tribal Stage

Unread postby Exend » Wed Nov 27, 2019 2:50 pm

It's done. You guys think the tribal stage is easy? I do! It just takes a bit. So I crafted up a mod that'll make the tribal stage much more challenging! Here is a list on what the mod does... :twisted:

1. Superpowers now take 450 seconds to recharge... At max. The max used to be 325, now this will be much harder... :lol:

2. Your tools and other tribal buildings now have 100 health! Instead of the regular 200, I decreased it to 100 just for the challenge! :? Easier destruction.

3. You thought that was all, huh? We're just scratching the surface! Buildings now cost 30-35 food instead of 15-25. If you're a carnivore, that sucks, because getting food as a carnivore is hard.

4. Speaking of food, you start the tribal stage with no food! Like, no food. 0 food. It makes more sense. You can't magically have food appear. Gotta do some work and get it yourself!

5. Some tools have a higher cooldown, such as smacking people with the chieftain staff, and the shaman staff! They do less damage aswell. Making it harder! :evil:

6. You start with only ONE tribe member! That's right, you didn't read it wrong, 1! 3 is already barely any for the start, and now it is 1. It's even harder because you have no food!

7. Babies grow in 75 seconds instead of 60. Even more time!

8. Even before that, a new tribe will have already formed! The first rival tribe will form in 30 seconds instead of 60! Cut right in half.

9. Healing staffs heal less quicker, and do less damage, so you won't be able to heal your tribe members as quickly! :oops:

10. The final change, huts have a health increase! That's good, right? Well, you're wrong. We already have all this, but that also means other tribes are harder to destroy!
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