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9000 creatures to Extinction!

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9000 creatures to Extinction!

Unread post by TheChosen1GroxPL »

Tired of quick extinction of species in Creature Stage? Then, this mod will increase the amount to kill creatures to cause extinction DRASTICALLY.... up to 9000. This mod is awesome with Creature overhaul mod, so you can kill ENTIRE nests without worrying about immediate wipe out of target species.

This mod offers you a longer creature stage, because you won't get reward so quick >:3.

What this mod offers else?:

-Longer carnivore gameplay (Welp, in game there is limited amount of species, but HUGE AMOUNT OF CREATURES TO KILL :twisted: )
-Nearly endless rampage when you play as an Epic or Rogue

Image (screenshot in Polish .w.)

Have BLOODY fun

Warning! This mod won't work in older creature stage saves, so create a new one to feel the dark effect of this mod >:3

(13.83 KiB) Downloaded 414 times
(The key to Rampage Creature Stage mode)

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Re: 9000 creatures to Extinction!

Unread post by MarioBabyLuigi »

Talk about overkill.
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Re: 9000 creatures to Extinction!

Unread post by Disgustedorite »

yay now I can force myself to play spore like a survival game
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Unread post by KikiCan12 »

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Re: 9000 creatures to Extinction!

Unread post by Enderjed »

can you make a version that is only 900 creatures instead of 9000?
I have a decently strong PC

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Re: 9000 creatures to Extinction!

Unread post by Diego »

Also great if you have the Mod that let's you play as Sentient Species If you have a Great Captain! ( :ga: Needed)
Hey guys. Diego here, just a casual Spore player that has: Core Spore, :ga: And also Creepy and Cute And a few mods. anyways have a good time.
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