Drone Parts Mod (Version 1 released!)

The modificaton of parts, models and abilities.


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Drone Parts Mod (Version 1 released!)

Unread post #1 by Deoxys_0 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:22 am

The Drone Parts Mod, a mod I've been working on for a while, is finally going public! There are still some unfinished things but nothing that will break compatibility (I have more info on this below) or make the mod unstable.

What does this mod add?

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48 new creature parts, most of which have two to three paint variants, creating a total of 115 new parts.


The purpose of this mod to allow for better armor on creatures and/or better robot styled creatures.

Please note that many of the part models are from ZbrushCore's multi-mesh/model kit pieces. A full list of credits is included in the mod download, which is why it is a zipped file (it has the mod and the credits).

Known Issues:

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Some of the parts, especially when using the HD texture fix, will have very faint (actually hard to notice unless you really look) dark spots on certain areas where certain UVs connect. This is not something that can be easily fixed, and may not be fixable at all. However, only a few parts have this and it is still very hard to see.

Scaling parts adjusts the morph handles in how far they stretch out (not how far the part itself stretches). This causes a few of the parts, like the vent part, to have harder to use morph handles when scaled very large. This is an issue associated with the tools I used the create the mod rather than the mod itself. It is not fixable, at least not currently.

The nudge morph handles (the cube shaped ones) collide with the up morph handles. They are both still fully usable but may sometimes be harder to select. This is an issue with the tools I used to make this mod and cannot be fixed, at least not currently.

Some parts, when compressed using morph handles, may appear to be floating. This is not something I can fix, or at least not easily. However, the nudge handle (the square morph handle) should help handle this. Only like two parts are effected by this though.

If you're not running the HD texture fix, some parts that have 'inside' areas on them will paint weird. This is a problem with Spore itself and not something I can fix. However, running some sort of HD texture mod/fix usually corrects this.

Some commonly used shiny paints are not transferring to the parts very well (in terms of making them shiny). This is something that can be fixed and will not break compatibility. I've added it to the to do list below.

To Do:

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Add more parts (also known as set two).

Add more paint variants based more on textures such as rusted metal and/or high-tech metal.

Create a better icon and an alternative Dark Injection styled icon for better blending in the Dark Injection mod (requested by rob55rod).

Possible re-arrangement of parts in the menu/alternative list style.

Work on part shininess and getting parts to respond better to different base textures.

Icon and build mode paint adjustments for some parts.

Possibly add custom limbs in the style of the parts.

Concerning Compatibility:

Compatibility is very important to me and I don't want anyone to lose any of their creations when I update the mod. However, some parts, based on any bug reports I may get, may have to be changed in such a way that could break compatibility. HOWEVER, in order to preserve compatibility, any parts changed enough to damage this will remain, in their original forms, in the mod. They will either simply be unlisted or will have their own legacy page. This means that if a part updates drastically, the original, un-updated version of this part will still be in the files, but simply may not be on the menu for placement. This will allow any previous creations that use the part to still fully function both inside and outside of the editors. And, as mentioned earlier, I may simply just create a legacy page for these parts for people who still want to have full access to them along with the new, updated versions.

Version 1.1:
https://mega.nz/#!NLxBFTiQ!IF0wJ_zbqGIX ... o0LWUCIkBE

Older Versions:
Version 1:
https://mega.nz/#!RKBCgJqZ!Q3oUeSBj-veT ... DzMjicVsS0

Change Log:

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Public Version 1.1 released on 8/6/2017.
*Fixed Trapezoidal part being slightly off center on the x-axis. Original has been moved to legacy.
*Updated credits.
Public version 1 released on 8/5/2017.

Note that in the change log, if anything says "moved to legacy," it means the part files are still in the game but are either unlisted or on a separate page. This means creations that use older versions of parts will still be fully functional.

Please report any bugs you find here. You may also post requests/suggestions and any creations you make using the parts. Like all mods that add new parts, especially custom made parts, anything made with the mod will require some sort of force save fix or mod. If you use Dark Injection, there is one built into it that works with all mods.


These new parts, if scaled to maximum and stacked on top of each other multiple times to where they extend past the background (or at least very far off the 'pad' the creature stands on), WILL CRASH THE GAME! Technically this is true for any parts if stacked enough, modded or not, it's just that my parts in particular make it a lot easier to do. So, in short, please do not do this:

Or you're going to end up with this:

I will not take responsibility for any creations that cause crashes or other horror to the game due to the creator going beyond the normal creature bounds! If you're unsure about how big you can make your creation, just don't go any larger than what you could make with any vanilla (non-modded) creation. The parts, when scaled to max, are still useful/safe though. The problem is simply if you start stacking them in towers or stacking them on other parts to purposely get outside of the normal bounds.

If you somehow save a creation like the above or close to it, as in it the game doesn't crash during saving or something like that, know that this creation will crash the game if you attempt to view it in the Sporepedia or place it down in a Galactic Adventure. If it shows up in a single player game, I can only imagine the save game might get corrupted or have other horrors. Again though, this is not an issue specifically caused by mod; this will happen with any parts if you stack them enough to get outside of the normal bounds. It's just that my mod makes it unintentionally easier.
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Re: Drone Parts Mod (Version 1 released!)

Unread post #2 by CradilySlime » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:27 am

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