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Adventure Music Mod- Game of Thrones

Various editor modifications are found here.
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Adventure Music Mod- Game of Thrones

Unread post by tklarenb »

A mod I made awhile back but forgot to share. This mod adds the soundtrack for all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones to the adventure editor. There's the possibility I missed one or two tracks since these were just taken from Youtube playlists and I didn't bother going back and double checking to see if I got every single one, but in total this will give you 149 new music tracks. Note that it is intentional that I did not include track 1 for seasons 2-7, as they are the show's opening theme and are thus identical to track 1 of season 1.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/35k34xvck ... ic.package

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Re: Adventure Music Mod- Game of Thrones

Unread post by Sporefanatic0 »

could you consider make a mod with pop culture sounds, like: Wilhelm scream, public boos, sad violin, horny whistle, romantic sax, etc...
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